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The Dallas Stars are a professional ice hockey team based in Dallas. They compete in the National Hockey League (NHL) as a member of the Central Division of the Western Conference. The team was founded during the 1967 NHL expansion as the Minnesota North Stars, based in Bloomington, Minnesota. Before the beginning of the 1978–79 NHL season, the team merged with the Cleveland Barons after the league granted them permission due to each team's respective financial struggles. Ultimately, the franchise relocated to Dallas for the 1993–94 NHL season. The Stars played out of Reunion Arena from their relocation until 2001, when the team moved less than 1.5 miles into the American Airlines Center. The Stars have won eight division titles in Dallas, two Presidents' Trophies as the top regular season team in the league, the Western Conference championship twice, and in 1998–99, the Stanley Cup. Joe Nieuwendyk won the Conn Smythe Trophy as the most valuable player of the playoffs that year.

The Dallas Stars fired coach Jim Montgomery for “unprofessional conduct” on Tuesday morning, ending his second season behind the bench while the team failed to disclose exactly why Montgomery was dismissed. Stars general manager Jim Nill said in a press conference Tuesday morning “it was determined that there was a material act of unprofessionalism contrarian to the values and standards held by the Dallas Stars organization.” Nill said he found out about the act via phone call over the weekend and began an internal investigation on Sunday.


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Trent Ford says

"An absolute disaster from start to finish. Ordered the item, a canoe rack for my car, almost a month ago now, package is empty on arrival to UPS, never get a notification from UPS, or carid, that anything is wrong. Two weeks later, I submit a ticket myself to carid, asking where my item I paid over 130$ for is at, they then tell me they are out of stock and try to get me to just wait. No thanks, refund please."

Phillip Boris says

"Worst experience I have ever encountered with ordering products from a website. I ordered headlights and fog lights on July 10, 2020. I received the fog lights on the 13th but I have heard absolutely nothing from CARID about the headlights. Today is currently August 3, 2020. I paid 150 for the headlights and I will never use this website or recommend this website to anyone. And trying to contact CARID is even worse. I’ve called twice and waited 30 minutes for nothing. I’m out 150 and I have to order another set of headlights."

Paul says

"When I ordered a set of Lund nerf bars from CarID, I was assured they would not require any drilling, and that I would receive a call from the carrier to notify me when delivery was to be made. I did not receive a call from the carrier, and was not home when the delivery was made. If I had been, I would have refused the delivery, based on the broken and ripped condition of the box and the fact that small parts started falling out of the box when lifted. When I opened the box, there was hardware all over the box because the plastic bag they were supposed to be in was open. The first page of the directions said "DRILLING IS REQUIRED". As I took out the parts, it was obvious they were USED and DAMAGED, NOT NEW!!!! It was apparent that someone had tried to install them, damaged them trying to install them, then returned them. (I have pictures to prove this). I contacted CarID the next business day. I was told someone would get back to me in 24-48 business hours. When this didn't happen, I called CarID. The only thing the would talk about was whether the rep who took the order told me that "I should sign for the delivery, even if there was obvious damage, then call us". Again, I was told someone would get back to me in 24-48 hours. Again, I had to call them back. This time I was told to send pictures and give the parts numbers for all the damaged parts. I sent them pictures of the box as I received it and the used and damaged parts. I called again - "We're waiting from a response from the manufacturer. Someone will get back to you in 24-48 hours." 3 Days Later, I spoke with a manager, who gave me the same story. I asked why they needed a response from the manufacturer to take back used product, and was told they had been drop shipped from the manufacturer, so the manufacturer was responsible for arranging return transportation. It has been 4 days after that conversation and 3 weeks of sitting in my garage. I have been on hold to speak with CarID for over an hour and (not the first time), so out of frustration, I called Lund. They told me that they HAVE RECEIVED NOTHING FROM CARID about this. The only thing they can do is an exact replacement, even though I received the wrong item."


"This company will lie and tell you they have things in stock that they do not have they charge me $3600 once for a body kit told me they had it then three weeks later tell me they do not have it so then I tried to give them a second chance and I called and ask them hey you guys have the body kit now is this accurate I asked oh yes sir we have it in stock and can ship out tomorrow blah blah I gave them 3600 more dollars and now here we are 10 days later they tell me the manufacturer says it’s not going to be ready until December they are running a Ponzi scheme to get your money throughout this Covid disaster don’t buy from this company they are a complete fraud"

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